Alan Powdrill

Alan is a UK based photo artist who is constantly on the search for the next image or project.
His work investigates the beauty in the everyday or ordinary and presents a view of the world that you may not have seen before. Photography has been his passion for all of his adult life - both a constant source of wonder as well a as his profession and career. Susan Sontag who once said, "To collect photographs is to collect the world...they alter and enlarge our notion of what is worth looking at". I whole heartedly agree with this and am always amazed at what photography can reveal. I recently attained a distinction in MA Fine Arts and began experimenting with mixed media and different photo techniques which is something I want to explore more. I work from a studio in the financial district of London which is very near 'The Gherkin', a surreal and inspiring location that is a real contrast to my artistic process.

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