Lotta Teale

Lotta paints figurative oil paintings, and is inspired by early 20th Century painters such as the Scottish Colourists and William Nicholson. For the last few years she has lived between Islamabad, Tuscany, Bangkok and London, and she recently moved to Jerusalem. In 2021 Lotta won first prize in the British Arts Prize, and in 2022 she held her first solo exhibition in a West End Gallery at Panter and Hall. Primarily self-trained, she aims to paint loosely, with accuracy of colour and drawing, while maintaining a certain liveliness. Lotta enjoys painting silver and iridescent ceramics which reflect the light and colours of the room, and she offsets them with something alive – a simple fruit or vegetable, or an egg. Her paintings often evoke memories of a calmer time and allow the viewer a moment to breathe.