Davina Jackson

Davina Jackson is a figurative artist based in London where she currently works from a studio at Kingsgate workshops. She graduated with a masters from the Royal Academy Schools where she won the Gold Medal for painting .

Her interests have remained in the theatrical and psychological use of space and a search for poetic simplicity. She continues to develop themes of human relationships and emotional states, finding and articulating the essence of an intimate moment or experience through the simplification of forms, mark making and painterly gestures.

The figures, real bodies or abstracted, sometimes translucent and ephemeral, shift between spacial planes and yet at the same time, remain sculptural and monumental, portraying fragments of memory that lead one into a world that, in Gaston Bachelard's words, create "an intensity of being evolving in a vast perspective of intimate immensity". She has always been inspired by poetry, mythological and theatrical subjects, storytelling and exploring the inner world of the child. 

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