Emma Gale

UK Exhibition Debut

Emma Gale’s work is a celebration colour, shape and texture. Her subjects are everyday people doing everyday things in countries all over the world. She takes inspiration from other cultures and their daily rituals and routines. Her love for Africa plays a special part in her work. She first visited Kenya when she was 15 where she was mesmerised by the people, their beauty their culture and the stunning landscape. In 1990-1993 she lived in Cairo, Egypt where she stablished the Tukul Craft Workshop in Cairo. This is a non-profit organization to train Sudanese refugees the techniques and skills in textile screen printing and design. In 2019 she visited Ethiopia with Create Impact an NGO working hand in hand with remote communities in Ethiopia to provide education, water and health care projects that create a lasting impact. She continues to support these charities and others through her work.

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